Adventism in Conflict

A. Leroy Moore
A. Leroy Moore believes that we don't understand the real nature of truth, which is paradoxical in nature. It can have two poles that at first glance may seem contradictory. For us to have the whole of truth, we must listen to each side of a conflict. And this requires that we return to an important pillar of the Protestant Reformation--the priesthood of believers. Just as we have a vertical relationship with God, so we also have a horizontal on eiwth others in the body of Christ. God reveals His truth in His Word, but He helps us to understand more fully by the Spirit's guidance working through the whole body of His people. Not only must we submit to God; we must humbly submit one to another in the community of faith. Using historical examples from within Adventism, Moore shows how the principles of the paradoxical nature of truth and the pillar of the priesthood of believers could have helped the church avoid many of its present conflicts. Moore writes not only from long study but also from practical experience. He has helped many who have abandoned the church to see truth's fuller nature and to reunite with Christ's whole body of believers.


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