Early Cars: Pleasures and Treasures

Michael Sedgwick
The best way to describe this 96-page 8 ½ x 10 inch volume and its author is to quote from the inside front flap of the dust cover: "In many countries the cult of old cars has developed into a major interest. There are three reasons for this: that cars are important evidence in the story of mechanical invention; that many of them are objects of considerable beauty and charm; and that enthusiasts have taken the troubles to refurbish survivals and display them attractively and informatively to the public. Among the latter, Michael Sedgwick, curator of Lord Montagu's famous Motor Museum, must be counted among the world's leading authorities. In this book he describes and illustrates a truly international range of early cars, from America, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria. Many of the 144 illustrations (in color and black & white) are of cars in the Museum now restored to running order, and many others are taken from the unique library of motoring photographs assembled there. ( amazon customer


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