Light in the Attic

Shel Silverstein
There's a light on in the attic. I can see it from outside, And I know you're on the inside ...lookin' out. Step inside the mind of Shel Silverstein and you'll discover a magic homework machine, a Polar Bear in the fridge and a Meehoo With an Exactlywatt. But beware stolen knees, the babysitter who likes to squash children - and the nighttime peril of the Whatifs! This is the second book of beloved poems and pictures from the marvellous master of nonsense, Shel Silverstein.


Reviewed: 2021-06-20

This was the first book that started me to write poema in 3rd grade and I still play around with it still today. But I remember the first time my mother found my work and told someone in church. They put me on the spot to write one for a program and I had to read it in fron of the church. I was nervous but I did it. Amazing

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#lightintheattic is another favorite Shel Silverstein classic that has a large selection of poetry on different topics
#lightintheattic ... an interesting and funny poem about animals and things doing odd things.