Best Cook in the World

Rick Bragg


Reviewed: 2018-09-24

I loved this book. Bragg gives us his family's history through stories and through recipes. Each chapter ends with at least one recipe, and interspersed with the directions for the recipes is his mother's voice. Some of the stories were so funny I would begin reading the story to whichever family member was close. 


Something though that I found interesting was learning about things I'd heard about, like pot likker  and finding out that butter beans (something I've been searching for each spring for my garden) are large lima beans. With Best Cook, the little I've read of Edna Lewis and one Southern cookbook I want to plunge a little deeper into Southern cooking. In the next year I will have to add Micheal Twitty's book to my library and whatever else I can find. 


Plus, there are several recipes that I plan on trying in this book.  

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