Breakfast of Champions

Kurt Vonnegut
In Breakfast of Champions, one of Kurt Vonnegut’s most beloved characters, the aging writer Kilgore Trout, finds to his horror that a Midwest car dealer is taking his fiction as truth. What follows is murderously funny satire, as Vonnegut looks at war, sex, racism, success, politics, and pollution in America and reminds us how to see the truth.


Reviewed: 2020-06-09
As great as Vonnegut's work should have been. However, comparing to the highest level standards Kurt had set with [b:The Sirens of Titan|4982|The Sirens of Titan|Kurt Vonnegut||905970] and [b:Slaughterhouse-Five|4981|Slaughterhouse-Five|Kurt Vonnegut||1683562] still this is not that level in my opinion. There were moment I was full of joy and happiness that I'm reading such a masterpiece, but also were moment when I felt bit bored with repetitiveness of patterns.

But again - this is great great work!
Reviewed: 2017-11-17
I've only read two Vonnegut books, and as this one is a bit of a 50th birthday exercise for KV to say goodbye to his characters (as Jefferson freed his slaves at age 50, apparently), my impression may not be an altogether true one. But it is this: Kurt Vonnegut only really writes one book, it gets new chapters from time to time, it is brilliantly different in that the perspective is a special sort of 4th wall meets omniscient narration.
I thought sections of BoC were beautifully mind-expanding. I became aware of how his work had influenced other writers I like (Phillip K Dick and Grant Morrison). If not everyone else... seriously - is any writer not a fan of KV? Probably, I'm just too lazy to google it.

The pacing, and variance of theme, are beautiful in Breakfast of Champions. Also, a little personally therapeutic, on the author's part (I assume - along with his suggestion) riffing on the subjects of emotion, depression, suicide, and paternal legacy.

The actual climax was dull compared to the build-up, I'm afraid. Otherwise I may have gone to 5 stars. Also, the idea that reading one KV book is such a similar experience to reading another is something that costs it a little charm for me. I like when an artist gives a different sort of picture, or variation enough to provoke you to keep walking in the gallery.

Fully enjoyable. Happy to have chosen it as my vacation read. Goes well with sand and waves and mostly naked people walking around like that's perfectly normal.
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