Sarah Zettel
Winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel: With mankind spread thinly across the galaxy, two refugees must find humanity’s home Eric Born knows his way around the universe. He’s a quick-thinking merchant blessed with natural telekinetic skill. He’s also that rarest of creatures, a human being. Humans have been scattered across the universe, powerless and oppressed, dispersed so widely that no one knows what planet they first came from. Eric survives by selling his talents to the mysterious galactic tyrants known as the Rhudolant Vitae, but has never forgotten he belongs to the human race, and the distant world, the Realm of the Nameless Powers. The Realm may be a backwater, but Eric will do anything to protect his home from the merciless and powerful Vitae. With the help of fellow refugee Arla Rengate, Eric embarks on a journey across the stars. To save the Realm, he will have to cross the Vitae, and discover a secret that holds the key to the origins of mankind.


Reviewed: 2018-07-25

Not going to be a very good review of this amazing book.  Not just because of spoilers but because the spoilers wouldn't make sense without the context of the rest of the book.


A new to me author always planning to read -- I am glad I did.  Presumably her debut novel and oh boy was it top notch science fiction with plenty of what if, aliens, different cultures, what if type of evolutions, moral dilemmas, sentience ... so very, very much even if very few characters where avoided confusing POVs.  So much, I'm surprised a debut author successfully incorporated into an apparently standalone novel.  


Gotta read this one if at all into SF.  The edition I read was a reprint ebook from Open Road Media that at the time could be borrowed free from Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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