Angel's Touch, An

Nathalie Ladner-Bischoff
Amazing, true stories. Stories that tell of marvelous divine interventions. Maybe you thought miracles only happened in Bible times! This book proves that miracles do happen even today . . . Suddenly Kathy awoke She felt a nudge and a voice whisper, "Go check the back door." She glanced at the clock-- nearly 2:00 a.m. Automatically she arose, slipped downstairs, and tiptoed to the back door. Realizing how exhausted she felt, she thought, This is nuts! No reason to go to the back door--maybe the front door. No, I'm too tired, she told herself, turned, and headed upstairs. Again--an unseen hand--urgent this time, turned her back toward the garage door. "Check the back door NOW! " The commanding but quiet voice urged. This time she didn't argue. She swung open the back door. Orange flames leapt and danced toward her. Thick black smoke filled the entire garage. This story, and many more like it will refresh your faith and remind you of God's never-ending presence and love.


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