Antichrist and the New World Order, The

Marvin Moore, Dennis Ferree (Designed by)
For two thousand years, everyone from crystal ball psychics to Bible-thumping Christians has predicted the end of the world. An earthquake here, a war there, and the long-haired fanatics wearing "Prepare-for-the-end" sandwich boards come out of the wood work. So why this book? Because things have changed. Swiftly. Globally. Unbelievably. But unknown to most people?even to a majority of Christians?the most startling changes for our nation and our world are yet to come. The Antichrist and the New World Order shares a perspective on the future that's unlike anything you've read before. It will challenge what you've heard and what you may believe. Disagree with the author. Argue. Debate. But please don't ignore what's here. Nothing would please the antichrist more.


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