Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: a natural way to treat ADHD

PURI, Prof. Basant K.
Does your child have poor concentration and an inability to relax? Does your child do crazily reckless things that can't be explained afterwards? Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD? Are you caring for or teaching children with ADHD? Or do you have these problems yourself? Increasing numbers of children are being diagnosed as having Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As the best available treatment for many years, they are prescribed powerful drugs that help to control (but not cure) the worst of the symptoms. However, the potential side-effects of these drugs are worrying and the long-term consequences unknown, facing doctors, parents and adult sufferers with a terrible dilemma. In Professor Puri's groundbreaking new book, you will discover a very different way of looking at ADHD. His starting point is the basis of behaviour in the chemistry of the brain and the many factors that influence this. By understanding behaviour at this level, it is possible to see how hyperactivity can be reduced and concentration improved in a natural way that is in tune with the needs of the individual. He presents the results of two major studies, with which he has been involved, that demonstrate the effectiveness of a completely natural way to treat ADHD. Read how and why EPA ('eicosapentaenoic acid') will be essential to recovery; how to take it; what dietary changes will enhance its effects; and what lifestyle changes will help you and your child to overcome the complex of symptoms that make up ADHD.


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