25 Horror Classics

This Horror cult classic series features many of your favorite uncut horror classics in one collection. Disc 1 1.       Dead Man Walks with George Zucco 2.       The Mad Monster with George Zucco 3.       The Town Where No One Got Off with Jeff Goldblum 4.       The Coffin Effect with Denholm Elliot 5.       Gotcha with Saul Rubinek 6.       The Emissary with Helen Shaver 7.       The Fatal Hour with Boris Karloff 8.       Little Shop of Horrors with Jonathan Haze 9.       One Body Too Many with Jack Haley 10.    Bosom Friends with Rachel Kempson 11.    The Way to do It with Andrew Ray 12.    Hijack with Denis Quilley 13.    There Is One Born Every Minute with Frank Finlay Disc 2 1.       Maniac with Bill Woods 2.       Parson s Pleasure with Lee Montague 3.       White Zombie with Bela Lugosi 4.       Black Dragons with Bela Lugosi 5.       Frankenstein with Lon Chaney 6.       The Crystal Egg with Thomas Mitchell 7.       Completely Foolproof with Telly Savalas 8.       Swamp Woman with Mary Windsor 9.       The World Gone Mad with Pat O Brien 10.    The Beast of Yucca Flats with Douglas Mellor 11.    Ice from Space with Paul Newman 12.    Appointment on Mars with Leslie Nielsen


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