Emergency!: True Stories From The Nation's ERs

Mark Brown, Marc Brown
* A suicide attempt by an "explosive" young man...* The "hidden secrets" of a grotesquely obese patient...* A couple whose amorous acrobatics get out of hand...* A child brought back from the dead...Bristling with the raw power of reality, this riveting book recounts true tales of life and death from the emergency rooms of America. Dr. Mark Brown asked over 15,000 fellow ER staffers to share their most unforgettable moments. Now, in their own voices, these real ER personnel bring us their most poignant, heartbreaking, laugh-out-loud hilarious, or shocking moments from the war zone of medicine. Discover the manic antics and incredible skills of ER doctors when a girlfriend's smooch nearly becomes a kiss of death...a farmer's severed foot hitches a ride to the hospital...a premature baby fights valiantly for life...and all of the unforgettable cases that come through the swinging doors of the emergency room.


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