Jennifer Johnson Is Sick of Being Single: A Novel

Heather McElhatton
A wicked comedy about the perils of making your dreams come trueQuirky, clever, cubicle-bound Jennifer Johnson is desperate. Everyone around her is getting married, while she's still single and stuck writing ad copy about men's dress socks.Her life hits crisis level, launching her into a humiliating and painfully hilarious quest to find Prince Charming at any cost. This includes agonizing online dates, diet-clinic cults, drag-queen fights, and a debilitating addiction to Cinnabon icing. When she meets handsome, wealthy Brad Keller, she wonders if he's the answer to all her dreams, or is he just too good to be true? Darkly funny and outrageously honest, McElhatton's wit shines in this no-holds-barred cautionary tale about getting what you want—and how it can be the worst thing for you.


Reviewed: 2020-05-27

Ugh. The setting was fun, but the rest of it just kind of made me hate humanity.

Reviewed: 2020-03-03

My library recommended book 2 of this series to me (they did not carry this one) which looked funny and appealed to me.  New to me author.  This one was reasonably priced on kindle when I was in the mood for a rom-com read so gave it a whirl.


The plot, until the ending, appealed.  Writing was okay if a bit on the stream of consciousness side.  I was always on the fence about the main character, partly because in places she really took some friendships for granted and was even nasty to friends.  I never got the romance; it was clear she was eventually mostly into the guy because he was rich.


The ending was abrupt and spoiled the read for me.  Not a cliffhanger.  Just kind of dropped out of nowhere that *boom* the end.  And all of a sudden everything heroine went through and felt in previous chapters got inexplicably reversed.


I'm now on the fence about borrowing the next book.  It could conceivably redeem the character and the abrupt ending (and would be free to borrow).  But, even before the abrupt ending this one didn't completely hook me.

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