Adventure on Wild Horse Mountain

Eric D. Stoffle
A three-day rafting trip down the Rattlesnake River becomes the arena for a fight between Maria and her brother Chris. Maria is sure Chris has told their dad something that will get her in big trouble when she gets home. But what is it? And why do all the other Shoebox Kids seem to be in on it?The Rattlesnake River Adventure finds the Shoebox Kids trying to keep Chris and Maria talking to each other while protecting a big secret. In the meantime, they hear the legend of Bonzo the bear, meet the mysterious "mountain man "who was watching them from the shadows, and learn about holding grudges and the power of forgiveness.-- Teaches kids about holding grudges and forgiveness.-- Each book in The Shoebox Kids series teaches kids how being a Christian affects the way they act and think.-- Ideal for beginning readers.-- The mystery/adventure story will keep kids readings!-- Number 11 in the Shoebox Kids series.


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