7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, The

Stuart Turton


Reviewed: 2021-05-25

A very novel locked room mystery. Lots of twists and turns that I didn't see coming. At some points the language was a bit denser than necessary which made some parts of the book feel like a slog, when what you wanted was the pace to be faster since you wanted to know what was happening next. All-in-all highly enjoyable and made me go and pick up the author's next book.

Reviewed: 2019-01-14
[4.5 stars]

Agatha Christie meets time travel meets thriller meets speculative fiction. Super compelling, though a little long. I had no idea where most of it was going until it unravelled at the end, which to me, is the sign of a good mystery. I wanted desperately to learn more about the world outside of Blackheath, but the few glimpses that I got were intriguing. The ending was satisfying-- and the plot itself so intricate and cleverly done I'm not surprised it took 3 years for the author to finish. On a purely aesthetic note, the front and back cover is gorgeous. Would recommend to those who like mystery, thrillers, and a little bit of the unexplainable.
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