Parenting the ADD child. Can't do? Won't do?: practical strategies for managing behaviour problems in children with ADD and ADHD

Children with ADD or ADHD can be a parenting nightmare. They can be disruptive and destructive and do not respond to guidance like other children. Medication may reduce symptoms, but disruptive behaviour often persists. Is there anything that the parent can do to create change? Based on ten years' experience working with families and their children with ADHD, this book explores the dilemmas facing parents with an ADD child. About two per cent of children in the developed world are currently receiving the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder and diagnosis rates are increasing. The true incidence may be as high as five per cent. This would mean that up to 30,000 children a year in the UK might have ADHD. Aimed at reducing the conflicts and friction that are often a part of home and school life, the author introduces the ADDapt approach to solving behaviour problems. Addapt stands for ADD alternative parenting techniques: it is a complete, practical, easy-to-follow programme to enable parents working on their own to ameliorate disruptive behaviour patterns common to ADD. This step-by-step approach has been piloted with over 150 families and has proved to be very helpful in bringing harmony back into the parents' relationship with their child. This work brings together for the first time a variety of tried and tested methods in a comprehensive and accessible format, and goes beyond the identification of the symptoms to tackle the changes parents can make, to ensure that behaviour problems associated with ADHD are managed and reduced.


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