Dyslexia and other learning difficulties: a parent's guide (Self help guides)

Maria Chivers, founder of the Swindon Dyslexia Centre, knows the heartache and frustration experienced by parents of children with learning difficulties. Things do not have to be that way, is her message. Learning difficulties are slowly being specified and recognised, and medical and educational help developed. To get help for their child, parents need to know how to make the system work for them. Maria Chivers draws on expert knowledge to show how to make this happen. The guide takes parents step by step through diagnosis, treatment, education, and beyond into career options. Up-to-the-minute facts and practical advice enable them to: pinpoint exactly what is wrong with their child; communicate with teachers and others in authority; assess their child's rights; choose the right education from among the options. Many learning difficulties, once identified, can be overcome. If a child has, or is suspected of having, learning difficulties, this essential guide provides the facts needed to take action.


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