Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be

LeRoy Eims
A PRACTICUM FOR CHRISTIAN LEADERSModern management strategies are valuable--no doubt about it. But too often we ignore or miss the trememdous spiritual leadership and management principles found in the Bible.That's the reason for Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be. It presents what the Bible says about leadership. And that's a great deal. This book is as down-to-earth practical as your everyday shoes. In fact, it's a must if you feel that God has any type of leadership role in mind for you--or if He has already given you a job of leading people.First published in 1975 and with more than 300,000 books in print, this newly updated edition of Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be includes a personal and group study guide."LeRoy Eims stimulated and encouraged my leadership when he was my leader in teh Navigators. He challenged me to be my best. He trusted God to work through my life. LeRoy instills confidence that you can lead - and helps you to do it." - Dr. Jerry White"LeRoy Eims goes beyond the usual principles and techniques of leadership to get to the thing that matters most - the character of the leader. This book isn't just for leaders, it's for every Christian who wants to count for God." - Jerry Bridges


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