Rosie's Glasses

Dave Whamond (Illustrator)
In this wordless picture book, Rosie wakes up in a monochrome world, with a dark cloud over her head. As she plods through her miserable, gray day, the cloud follows. Mishaps and mayhem thwart her every move, irritating noises assault her --- and the pouring rain makes everything worse. But then, on her way home from school, Rosie finds a pair of strange glasses. When she puts them on, her world transforms into vivid, joyful color. All of a sudden, she can see the beauty and fun in everything around her --- and her dark cloud has disappeared. Are the glasses magic? Or could it be that changing how we look at the world can change the way we experience it? Award-winning author and illustrator Dave Whamond is known for his energetic, humorous and colorful art. Here he uses three different color palettes to powerfully tell a story of how moods can affect what we see. The wordless format encourages visual literacy and deeper readings of the story based on individual interpretation. It also invites nonreaders to develop vocabulary and narrative skill by ?reading? the illustrations. This book offers a perfect lead-in to a discussion about good and bad moods. It also works for lessons on self-awareness and personal development, and as an excellent reminder to children (and adults!) that we can all exercise some control over how we see our world.


Reviewed: 2020-12-01

Rosie is a little girl with pigtails who goes about her days in a dreary, black and white town. She doesn't have the least bit of luck. Everyone around her seems to be having the worst day ever! One somber normal day, she comes upon some mystical red glasses that let her see the world in a totally new and different way! Suddenly, vibrant color erupts through the black and white town! Surprisingly, everyone is now so joyful and everything is going her way. Her town drastically changes and the plants and animals are thriving. It also stops raining frigid droplets, the gray clouds go away, and the bright, shining sun comes out! But what happens when Rosie loses her magical glasses? The beautifully crafted ink and watercolor illustrations change suddenly halfway through the book. Even though this book has no words, the pictures are all you need to understand this heartwarming story. Submitted by: Lydia P.

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