Manage Your Mission: a Practical Guide for Leaders of Non-Profits

Martin Lattman
Faced with increasingly difficult circumstances - including reduced funding, complex regulations, and more demanding constituents - leaders of non-profits are in need of a practical guide for making their organizations as effective as possible. This book is that practical guide. Based on years of consulting work and research with a variety of non-profits, the author has studied the main challenges they face and has identified the optimal processes and methodologies for addressing their issues. Using a logical, step-by-step approach derived from his own personal experience as a corporate CEO, the author explains how non-profit leaders can establish the proper focus and priorities for their organizations through systematic strategic planning and performance-oriented execution. To help readers visualize this desired state, the book describes the successfully managed non-profit in clearly understood terms accompanied by real-world examples. Readers are also given a set of simple yet powerful management tools that they can readily apply to their own particular environment. For non-profit executives seeking straightforward guidance on how to ensure the effectiveness of their organization in challenging times, Manage Your Mission is the answer.


Reviewed: 2018-09-24

When I bought this book I thought it would be a well written book about how to manage a nonprofit. It's barely 80 pages and I read 1/3 of the book and felt as if the information merely repeated. There was no reason to continue reading it. Very disappointing.

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