ABC Book of Rhymes, The

Mark Eichler, MazorBooks (Illustrator)
The ABC Book of Rhymes for kids is a fun way for children to learn their ABCs. To facilitate the learning of the ABC, images of animals, plants, and other child-friendly objects appear next to a letter that represents them in the alphabet. In addition, every letter pair is coupled with a cute rhyme. For example: Aa is for APPLE, red, green and yellow Bb is for BUTTERFLY, what a wonderful fellow.The ABC book of Rhymes is a wonderfully imaginative children's book that will fuel the imagination and prompt creativity in the special children in your life. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends of the family can engage the kids in an educational but fun activity that will enhance the kids' cognitive ability and promote their creativity. Use this book as an example, encourage children to come up with more words and more fun rhymes for the letter pairs.


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