Practice of Prayer, The - 248 MOR

G. Morgan
Legendary preacher, author and scholar G. Campbell Morgan teaches the reader the methods, mindset and theology of prayer, that all may become closer to God. The Practice of Prayer is a superb handbook for Christians wishing to make the most of their time at prayer, and to use prayer as a vehicle through which to get closer to God. The chapters of this book consider the practice of prayer through a theological lens; examining scripture, Morgan reaches informed conclusions to as how we should pray. Principally, Morgan identifies Jesus Christ as a figure of importance in developing prayer as a tradition. The instructions Jesus dispensed are filled with depth and meaning, and it is this that Morgan efforts to explain for readers. Additionally, Morgan draws upon additional books of the New Testament, such as Thessalonians, to properly express and imbue his points and instructions. Building his thesis piece by piece, Morgan eventually concludes that prayer is greatest when the power of Jesus and the Saints are called upon. With Christ as mediator, people on Earth may reach Him in an atmosphere of quiet and contemplation. It works only when the person is loyal and assents to consult the Holy Spirit, so that the door be opened to a satisfying spiritual life. Highly educated, Morgan's talent lay in his ability to discuss and present difficult theological concepts in a simple, clear way. For this he became a popular and sought after preacher; on the pulpit and on the page, his explanations proved valuable for Christians eager to live a spiritually rich and wholly fulfilled life close to God.


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