James Bama: American Realist

James Bama, Brian M. Kane
The illustration art of James Bama has now been collected into this impressive 160-page full color hardbound edition. James Bama: American Realist is the first book to span his entire career. Examples explore his diverse brush from magazine illustrations, paperback book covers, and advertising. Chapters examine his work in pop culture, horror, science fiction, adventure and western genres, concluding with his most recent fine art endeavors.This volume features a detailed biography exploring his noteworthy and singular career. Insightful quotes by Bama accompany many pieces. In addition, testimonials by leading artists, writers, and historians are contained throughout.During his career, Bama’s art graced many memorable pop culture paperback book covers. Among his most notable works are the 62 cover paintings for Bantam’s Doc Savage adventure series, all of which are contained within.His uncanny ability to render a multitude of genres, and under amazingly tight deadlines, made Bama highly sought after by top publishers. Combined with his exemplary work ethic, Bama’s artwork encompassed a wide spectrum of media. This, along with his unique realist approach, helped secure his place as one of the most influential artists of his time. Having achieved remarkable success in illustration, Bama changed direction, pursuing a career in fine art. His gamble led to higher acclaim. This book delves into the man, from illustrator to artist.Written and designed by Brian M. Kane in cooperation with Mr. Bama. Introduction by Harlan Ellison®. Foreword by Len Leone. 160 pages in color. Over 260 illustrations are featured, of which more than 85 are from the original art. Over 30 personal photographs of family and modeling shoots are contained within.


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