Atlas of Night Sky

Storm Dunlop
A comprehensive atlas of the night sky covering all the constellations in the northern and southern hemispheresThis brand-new, large format atlas of the night sky, is aimed at readers who have developed an interest in astronomy from reading basic guides, and who have acquired some basic equipment. Their next step is to observe the fainter objects of the night sky and develop a knowledge of all 88 constellations in the northern and southern hemispheres. Star charts will cover the whole sky showing objects down to a magnitude of 6. 5 (approx. naked-eye limit under clear skies). The sky is covered in 20 large-scale charts to avoid the crowding in dense star field that is found in other atlases. The projection used matches as closely as possible the observer's visual perception of the sky and minimize distortions. Lists of objects to observe and tabular data is shown on the page facing each chart. There are also charts including: * Zodiacal and neighbouring constellations, specifically designed to assist in the location of the planets, Moon and bright minor planets* The locations of certain classes of object including novae, globular clusters and open clusters* Large-scale maps of the


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