Atlas der Sternbilder: Ein astronomischer Wegweiser in Photographien

Eckhard Slawik, Uwe Reichert
Eckhard Slawik / Uwe Reichert Atlas of the Constellations This book will fascinate you: for the first time the entire sky is shown in large format color photos of unique quality. The overview pictures show all 88 constellations of the north and south sky in their own colors. With a special recording technique it was possible to display the own colors and brightness differences of the stars as the eye perceives them. Numerous individual objects such as galaxies, star clusters and planetary nebulae were also photographed with a telephoto lens or telescope. The photographs are supplemented by colored maps of all constellations with all the stars visible to the naked eye. Explanations of the original mythology and descriptions of the special objects to be found are attached to each constellation. The quality of this atlas, which is unique in the world, inspires anyone who has ever looked up to the stars.


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