Colour Atlas of Galaxies, The

James Wray
This atlas comprises the color images of more than six hundred galaxies representing essentially all recognized form and luminosity classes as well as many peculiar and interacting systems, both within the Local Supercluster of galaxies and beyond. These color images offer a source of aesthetic appreciation and scientific investigation, both of which are fully intended and encouraged. Unlike ordinary color photography, however, the overall method by which these images were obtained and produced was developed specifically to assure their scientific applicability. Thus the color images in this atlas illustrate unambiguously the presence and extent within these galaxies of both the very young populations of stars characterized by their 'blue-knot' like appearance and the very old populations characterized by their yellow color and relatively smooth distribution. Between these two extremes there occur many stages of intermediate color, the interpretation of which in terms of intermediate age and evolving chemical abundances is by no means unambiguous.


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