Waters of the Sanjan

David Read, Pamela Chapman


Reviewed: 2018-10-18
"Waters of the Sanjan is fiction based on fact, woven around the life of a known (Masai) warrior who lived at the turn of the century. It is an historical novel and the events portrayed were not unusual in the life of a warrior of those times. The customs and traditions are accurate; the places where events took place are real places and to date still go by the same name. The Waters of the Sanjan, translated literally, Inkariak-oo-Sanjan, means "The Waters of Sweehearts," and in fact is a place that lies to the North of the famous treeless undulating savannah known the world over as The Serengeti, and to the Masai as Sirinket. Isirinket are the people who lived in the now unique Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.
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