SchNEWS of the World - SchNEWS Yearbook 2002

The temperature goes through the roof as the earth's climate has its hottest year on record, while the political pressure reaches bursting point in the paranoia and madness of September 11. Behind the haze Argentina goes into meltdown. Israel re-occupies Palestine. Hundreds of thousands come out on the streets of Genoa and Quebec, Gothenburg and Barcelona, while even larger numbers fight for their land and livelihood as the corporate carve-up continues. Global and local, SchNEWS covers it all. This tome contains issues 301-350 of the feisty newsweekly, plus 200 more pages of articles, cartoons, photos, satire and a comprehensive contacts list. They make plans, we make history. And here's how, and why.


Reviewed: 2018-10-22

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