Building Books

Megan Wagner Lloyd, Brianne Farley (Illustrator)
Books and blocks bring together two siblings with nothing in common in this story from Megan Wagner Lloyd (Finding Wild) and illustrator Brianne Farley (Secret Tree Fort). Katie loves to build. She loves the way the blocks click together, the way they crash when they topple to the floor. But most of all, she loves to build something brand-new. Unlike her brother, she hates reading. Owen loves to read. He loves the way the pages rustle when he turns them, the way the paper smells. But most of all, he loves to read something brand-new. But, unlike his sister, he has no interest in building. When their rivalry finally comes to a head, a librarian suggests a solution. Books for Katie to read and books for Owen to shelve. Can they learn to appreciate their siblings hobbies and build something together?


Reviewed: 2020-12-01

¨’Building’s the best!’ proclaimed Katie  ‘Nope. Reading rules,’ countered Owen.” This book is about the amazing discovery of reading (for Katie) and building (for Owen). I like how the background changes when the mood changes in the book.  Whatever Owen reads, almost magically, Katie builds. This shows how close reading is to building.  Building Books has ink, gouache and digitally created art.  The bold layouts make the art so amazing! Katie is a brilliant girl who has her mind on one thing -- BUILDING. She doesn't have time for reading. While reading, her legs squirm and her arms wiggle, which is why she hates reading. Owen is different. He loves reading, not building -- so how are they ever going to connect?  Find out in this awesome book about building with books. Submitted by: Diesel. S.

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