Murder in Wisconsin

Larry Scheckel
A true story of romance and courtship, intrigue, and murder, this book is set among the hills of southwestern Wisconsin in 1926. Clara Olson, a pretty, devout Norwegian Lutheran farm girl meets Erdman Olson, a handsome, suave, smooth-talking college lad at a church picnic. They date for 18 months. When she finds herself in a family way and dreams of marriage, he promises her a wedding, and they plan a secret elopement. However, when Clara instead disappears, a search ensues and is resolved by the chance discovery of her hidden grave. The whole country is ultimately horrified by the shocking details of the tragic betrayal and murder. Laid out in suspenseful detail are the inquest, the funeral, and the subsequent search for her killer. This is a mesmerizing account of true crime at its worst.


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