'Salem's Lot

Stephen King
Ben Mears has returned to Jerusalem's Lot in the hopes that living in an old mansion, long the subject of town lore, will help him cast out his own devils and provide inspiration for his new book. But when two young boys venture into the woods and only one comes out alive, Mears begins to realize that there may be something sinister at work and that his hometown is under siege by forces of darkness far beyond his control.


Reviewed: 2020-10-16

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I tore through it in just a few days, and that’s saying something because it's quite a long book, but I just couldn’t put it down. I look forward to reading more of King’s full length novels in the future.

Reviewed: 2018-02-24
I'm reading through King's books in order and when I got to this, I was like, "Oh great, vampires." You know, these aren't Stephenie Meyer's sparkly vampires. These are like creepy as all get out, old-school fright fest vampires that must be invited in to suck your blood.

The book was a slow burner-not so much thriller as slow chill. It's not plodding or wallowing, just a Sunday walk through a small town letting you get to know everyone so you can be sufficiently invested when they turn vampire.

Yeah, I liked it. I like it a lot. In fact, I can't wait to pick up the next King novel.
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