Stephen King
Nightmares come to life for Ralph Roberts. Up all night, he's seeing some pretty strange things. No wonder he can't get back to sleep. Readers won't be able to either.


Reviewed: 2016-06-08

I didn't really like this book. I couldn't get into it until page 560. I didn't like the LSD-type trips (I don't know why), for some reason the topic didn't jive with me. It referenced The Dark Tower series, which I also didn't like--I guess, because I finally got away from the series and was hoping for a completely new story (I've been struggling with The Dark Tower series for a while). Yet, while I didn't like the book, I still somehow read it, and I still cried for the characters in the Epilogue. So I can't explain it... just that I probably wouldn't read it again.

Reviewed: 2016-01-16
Ralph Roberts has an incurable case of insomnia, but lack of sleep is the least of his worries. Each night he stays awake, Ralph witnesses more of the odd activity taking place in Derry after dark than he wants to know. The nice young chemist up the street beats his wife and has delusions about beings he calls "The Centurions". A madman with a knife is trying to kill him, he's sure. And on the night May Locher died, one of the two bald men coming out of her house had a pair of scissors in his hand. What does it all mean? Ralph doesn't quite know. But the bizarre visions he's been having keep getting more intense, the strange deaths in Derry have just begun, and Ralph knows he isn't hallucinating.
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