Orphan of Salt Winds , The

Brooks, Elizabeth


Reviewed: 2018-12-10

First, I need to say that I was sent a copy of this book by the publishers.


The Orphan of Salt Winds is about a young girl, 12 years old, who is adopted by a couple in the 1940s. About a year after her adoption her beloved adopted father dies while trying to save a German pilot whose plane crashes in a bog. A day later the pilot arrives at the house. He is kept hidden in the attic, after the family learns that he is a writer. Mr. Deering, an old friend of the deceased Clem, and former boyfriend to Lorna (the widow) is the villain of the book. 


It was a decent read. The most complex character was the girl Virginia. We see her as a girl and later in 2015 as an older woman, who has received her sign and is preparing to go into the bog herself. Lorna at times felt like a cardboard character, there was no real emotion or sign as to what she may have been thinking or feeling. Mr. Deering, is a melodramatic villain. We know from the first moment he comes into the narrative that he isn't to be trusted, let alone liked. Even the two two beloved men, Clem and Jakob, aren't fully fleshed out. 


I wished the characters had been given more time to develop, and become more complex. 

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