Girls Rock! Just the Way We Are: Wise Teens Offer Tweens & Moms Advice on Healthy Body Image, Self-Esteem & Personal Empowerment

Lisa Miller
Our culture's narrow standard of beauty robs our daughters of their birthright to be self-accepting beings whose authentic power resides internally. Media images, advertising messages, peer pressure, the diet industry, and enduring family standards constantly reinforce the priority of thinness--the preferred look--over balanced nutrition and healthful choices, and over celebrating diversity and the inner spirit. It has become normal for our children to judge themselves and others harshly based on physical size, weight, and shape. In the most abundant nation in the world, our girls are starving for a foundation of self-esteem that will support them through adulthood. This book is written by teenage girls who have weathered their own storms, who have emerged with deeper self-esteem, and who want to help lead the way. The voices of wise teens are complemented by guidance from professional health experts, each of whom has nurtured her own daughters.


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