Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Tutorial and MultiMedia CD

Roger Toogood, Jack Zecher
The eleven lessons in this tutorial introduce students to Pro/ENGINEER's Wildfire 5.0 design capabilities. The tutorial covers the major concepts and frequently used commands required to advance from a novice to an intermediate user level. Major topics include part and assembly creation, and creation of engineering drawings. Also illustrated are the major functions that make Pro/ENGINEER a parametric solid modeler. These topics are further demonstrated in the video files that come with every book. Although the commands are presented in a click-by-click manner, an effort has been made, in addition to showing/illustrating the command usage, to explain why certain commands are being used and the relation of feature selection and construction to the overall part design philosophy. Moreover, since error recovery is an important skill, considerable time is spent exploring the created models (in fact, intentionally inducing some errors), so that users will become comfortable with the "debugging" phase of model creation. At the end of each lesson is a short quiz reviewing the new topics covered in that chapter. Following the quiz are several simple "exercise" parts that can be created using new commands taught in that lesson. In addition to these an ongoing project throughout the book is also included. This project consists of several parts that are introduced with the early lessons and finally assembled at the end. Table of Contents Introduction to Pro/ENGINEER 1. User Interface, View Controls and Model Structure 2. Creating a Simple Object (Part I) 3. Creating a Simple Object (Part II) 4. Revolved Protrusions, Mirror Copies, Rounds, and Chamfers 5. Modeling Utilities and the 3 R s 6. Datum Planes and Sketcher Tools 7. Patterns and Copies 8. Engineering Drawings 9. Assembly Fundamentals 10. Assembly Operations 11. Sweeps and Blends Appendix Index


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