Bosse Tiles X, Y, and Z Class Set

A visual aid to help reinforce and clarify algebraic principles by combining the power of Algebra Tiles and Algebra Lab Gear. Bosse Tiles are manipulatives that represent the different elements of an algebraic equation. Using these manipulatives allow students to make a hands-on connection to algebraic concepts. Tiles can represent the product of linear polynomials up to 3 variables or the factoring of quadratic polynomials with as many as 6 terms. Tiles are translucent, allowing for use on an overhead. The Bosse Tiles books provide teachers and students with a variety of practice problems and information about using the Bosse Tiles to find and double-check answers. Includes 4 sets of the x, y, and z Bosse Tiles; Algebraic Bosse Tiles Activity Book II for Algebra I and Algebra II; and teacher’s guide.


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