Peter Atrill, Eddie McLaney
The overwhelming response from all students is that this text is great as an introduction. It is easy to read and comprehend and the examples complement the discussion in the text. Wendy Beekes, Lancaster UniversityOne of the most accessible and authoritative texts in the market place, covering all the major areas of accounting and finance at an appropriate level. Malcolm Anderson, Cardiff UniversityDesigned to help you study, Accounting An Introduction is praised for its clear, accessible and uncluttered style. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the main principles of financial accounting, management accounting, and the core elements of financial management. It has a clear and unequivocal focus on how accounting information can be used to improve the quality of decision making by managers. This, combined with the book's strong practical emphasis, provide you with the perfect grounding for your future career as a manager.Features: Progress checks: numerous activities and exercises enable you to constantly test your understanding and reinforce learning. Lively and relevant examples from the real world demonstrate the practical application and value of concepts and techn


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