5 CHEESY STORIES (Tales From The Pantry, Little Life Lessons from Mom and Dad)

Patsy Clairmont
Once upon a pantry shelf lived the sweetest little mouse family ever. . . Meet the MacKenzies. . . . Hidden in a forgotten box of Christmas candy on the third pantry shelf, this tiny mouse family is just like any other. A watchful mom and dad try their best to keep the children from mischief and harm, but as adventurous children do, these little tails sometimes get into trouble. In the end, invaluable lessons are learned when Mom and Dad's wise words carry the young mice safely home. From our little mice to yours, this collection will share the stories of: Meatball overcoming her fears Soccer not believing everything he hears Spud learning that bullies aren't so big Stinky knowing when strangers are dangerous, and Basil and Parsley sticking together in an emergency


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