Alternative Shakespeares | Vol. 2

Ed. Terence Hawkes
1985. Alternative Shakespeares, published in 1985, shook up the world of Shakespearean studies, demythologising Shakespeare and applying new theories to the study of his work. Alternative Shakespeares: Volume 2 investigates Shakespearean criticism over a decade later, introducing new debates and new theorists into the frame. Both established scholars and new names appear here, providing a broad cross-section of contemporary Shakespearean studies, including psychoanalysis, sexual and gender politics, race and new historicism. Alternative Shakespeares: Volume 2 represents the forefront of contemporary Shakespearean studies. This urgently-needed addition to a classic work of literary criticism is one which teachers and scholars will welcome. Contents: 1. Terence Hawkes, Introduction. 2. Steven Mullaney, "After the new historicism." 3. Catherine Belsey, "Cleopatra's seduction." 4. Margreta de Grazia, "Imprints: Shakespeare, Gutenburg and Descartes." 5. Bruce R. Smith, "L[o]cating the sexual subject." 6. Alan Sinfield, "How to read The Merchant of Venice without being heterosexist." 7. Keir Elam, "'In what chapter of his bosom?': reading Shakespeare's bodies." 8. Ania Loomba, "Shakespeare and cultural difference." 9. Dympna Callaghan, "'Othello was a white man': properties of race on Shakespeare's stage." 10. Philip Armstrong, "Watching Hamlet watching: Lacan, Shakespeare and the mirror/stage." 11. John Drakakis, "Afterword: the next generation."


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