Half-Sun on the Columbia: A Biography of Chief Moses (The Civilization of the American Indian Series)

Dr. Robert H. Ruby M.D., John A. Brown
Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Regional AwardChief Moses (Sulktalthscosum or Half-Sun) was chief of the Columbias, a Salish-speaking people of the mid Columbia River area in what is now the state of Washington. This award-winning biography by Robert Ruby and John Brown situates Moses in the opening of the Northwest and subsequent Indian-white relations, between 1850 and 1898. Early in life Moses had won a name for himself battling whites, but with the maturity and responsibilities of chieftainship, he became a diplomat and held his united tribe at peace in spite of growing white encroachment. He resisted the call to arms of his friend Chief Joseph of the Nez Percés, whose heroic campaign ended in defeat and exile to Indian Territory. Their friendship persisted, however, and after Joseph's return to the Northwest, the two lived out their lives on the reservation, sharing their frustrations and uniting their voices in complaint.


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