Bible Bullies: How Fundamentalists Got The Good Book So Wrong

Dr. C. Arthur Ellis Jr
Bible Bullies is a controversial new book that explores the nature of a special kind of bully: the kind who use the Bible to force or coerce others into conforming to their beliefs. The book identifies fourteen personality traits of these bullies, their tactics, and how they misuse the Bible to abuse children and attack identified “out-groups,” including women, the LGBT community, and social programs for the disadvantaged. Six of these personality traits were previously identified in a study, commissioned after World War II by the American Jewish Committee, to try to understand the mind-set of Europeans who supported Hitler’s atrocities. Chapters discuss misogyny, sexual diversity, child abuse, intelligent design, social programs, and family planning, in the process revealing specific targets of Bible bullies and their misguided use of Scripture in their assault on their victims. After identifying the salient traits of Bible bullies and how they attack their victims, the book discusses the bullies’ MO—how they operate. Not content with abusing just the victims in their own hometown, the Bible bullies seek to expand their personal power through political means, by arguing against separation of church and state and pushing for an exclusively Christian nation. The final chapters reveal the crucial rift in the New Testament that laid the groundwork for those seeking to distort the message of peace and love brought by Jesus. "The book itself is a challenging read and if you want to challenge Bible bullies, you'll find this to be a fascinating read with plenty of food for thought." --Feathered Quill Book Reviews


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