Auto-B-Good Special Edition: Fruitful Pursuits

Gary Meyer, Charles Meyer
Auto-B-Good is a 5-time Emmy® award-winning animated series. This Dove Family approved series will captivate, entertain, and teach great biblically based character lessons to children ages 5-9. Each DVD in the series contains 3 fabulous episodes, 3 Christian music videos PLUS bonus episodes for a total run time of approximately 50 minutes. Auto-B-Good Special Edition: Fruitful Pursuits Join the cars of Auto as they investigate an amazing mystery! Along the way they learn that being quick to judge is not a good thing and forgiveness is in order. Includes 3 music videos plus a bonus episode on Confidence. Hop in and enjoy the ride! Episode 1 - Unusual Suspect (Slow to Judge) Somebody took the statue of CJ Willey, and everyone in town is on the trail. Could it be Igor, the mysterious junkyard dealer, or Marley the reclusive artist? A mystery of epic proportions! Music video: Innocent Episode 2 - Case Of The Missing Statue (Forgiveness) Our friends risk secret passages and a city-wide chase to find the missing statue of CJ Willy - see the conclusion of the case, with an eye opening surprise ending! Music video: Don't Forget to Forgive Episode 3 - Car Tuned & Ready (Selflessness) Franklin complains that Johnny will always be selfish, but Johnny surprises him by putting others first. Music video: Giving It Away Bonus episode - Friends To The Rescue (Confidence) EJ makes a series of sporting errors and experiences a loss of confidence. His good friend Johnny, with the help of Professor's inventions, brings EJ's confidence back in line.


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