The secret to discovering God is found in the Lord's prayer. Come explore Jesus' simple but purpose-filled pattern for prayer - a rich one that unfolds a roadmap in a world with no direction of its own. Jesus invites you to pray it personally. To pray this prayer is to journey deeper into the life of God, and deeper into the life of the world. Each chapter explores the implications and impact of each petition on our lives and world. Included are reflection questions, prayer prompts and sample prayers to help you begin and deepen your personal journey in prayer. THIS BOOK IS DESIGNED FOR . Christians who want to develop a deeper, more regular/daily habit of prayer . Christian small group leaders looking for materials to disciple a group in prayer "Journey in Prayer is a wonderful and transformative book, both scholarly and practical. John Smed is a very effective communicator. My own prayer practice has become more directed affording me greater mental and emotional clarity and stability. I feel more resilient with a greater sense of spiritual resources and relationship to God, whom I now address as "Father." Thank you for creating this book which will help many who pray and many for whom we pray." Elizabeth, doctor"


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