Can an Aardvark Bark?

Melissa Stewart
From award-winning author Melissa Stewart and Caldecott honoree Steve Jenkins comes a noisy nonfiction exploration of the many sounds animals make. Can an aardvark bark? No, but it can grunt. Lots of other animals grunt too… Barks, grunts, squeals—animals make all kinds of sounds to communicate and express themselves. With a growling salamander and a whining porcupine, bellowing giraffes and laughing gorillas, this boisterous book is chock-full of fun and interesting facts and is sure to be a favorite of even the youngest animal enthusiasts.


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#cananaardvarkbar... Perfect to get the kids thinking in your class.
#cananaardvarkbar... A quote I like is An aardvark can't bark, but it grunts. A seal can't squeal, but it barks. A wild boar can't roar.
#cananaardvarkbar... offers great pictures of different animals aand explains the noise that each different animal can make.