Child Analysis and Therapy (Child Analysis & Therapy CL)

Jules Glenn
This book is an encyclopedia of child analysis and analytically oriented psychotherapy. Dr Glenn is not only the editor, but has contributed either as sole author or in collaboration with others no less than five of the 24 chapters of this book. The chapters cover a wide range of topics which should be of great interest to all psychoanalysts, but particularly to child analysts and every other mental health professional dealing with children. These are chapters on technique at various stages of development, from prelatency through pre-adolescence. In addition, there are one or more chapters on the theory of technique (including one on the views of Melanie Klein), the opening phase, the question of transference, dream analysis, the problem of abstinence in child analysis, the role of the parents in child analysis, on termination and on countertransference. Finally, there are sections on the application of child analysis to work with infants, psychotic children, and to other forms of psychotherapy. There are two chapters on the nursery school, one as an accompaniment to psychoanalysis and the other as a method for evaluation of childhood pathology. These two chapters plus the one on tutoring should be of special interest to educators, as is the final chapter on teaching of psychoanalysis in the United States.


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