E-Flux Journal - the Internet Does Not Exist

Brian Kuan Wood, Anton Vidokle, E-Flux journa
"The internet does not exist. Maybe it did exist only a short time ago, but now it only remains as a blur, a cloud, a friend, a deadline, a redirect, or a 404. If it ever existed, we couldnt see it. Because it has no shape. It has no face, just this name that describes everything and nothing at the same time. Yet we are still trying to climb onboard, to get inside, to be part of the network, to get in on the language game, to show up on searches, to appear to exist. But we will never get inside of something that isnt there. All this time weve been bemoaning the death of any critical outside position, we should have taken a good look at information networks. Just try to get in. You cant. Networks are all edges, as Bruno Latour points out. We thought there were windows but actually its made of mirrors. And in the meantime we are being faced with more and morenot just information, but the world itself. And a very particular world that has already become part of our consciousness. And it wants something. It doesnt only want to harvest our eyeballs, our attention, our responses, and our feelings. It also wants to condition our minds and bodies to absorb all the richness of the planets knowledge."--Back cover.Internet


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