Wild Rose: The True Story of a Civil War Spy

Ann Blackman
"I am a Southern woman, born with revolutionary blood in my veins," Rose O'Neale Greenhow once declared -- and that fiery spirit would propel her into realms of power and intrigue. With the outbreak of the Civil War, Rose transformed overnight from a glittering Washington, D.C., hostess and influential socialite into a fearless spy for the cause she valued more than life itself. As Ann Blackman reveals in this brilliant biography, Rose supplied deadly, accurate, and cleverly encrypted intelligence to Confederate general Pierre G. T. Beauregard that turned the tide at the First Battle of Bull Run. Yet it was this critical act of spycraft that eventually led to Rose's arrest by famed detective Allan Pinkerton. Imprisoned, then sent into exile, Rose Greenhow regained her freedom and, as the war turned dark for the South, journeyed to Europe to plead the Confederacy's cause at the royal courts of England and France. Drawing on a newly discovered diary and a rich trove of original research, Ann Blackman has fashioned a gripping and unforgettable portrait of an astonished woman and her adventurous time.


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