Skin Like Mine (Kids Like Mine)

LaTashia M. Perry
From the Creators of Hair Like Mine, Skin Like Mine is a fun, easy-to- read for beginners as well as advanced readers. An entertaining yet creative way to address and celebrate diversity among young children. Guaranteed to make you smile and a bit hungry.


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#skinlikeminekids... this book teaches young readers that they are beautiful in their own skin.
#skinlikeminekids... a little girl learning the differents between the different people. Whether it was with the color or texture of hair.
#skinlikeminekids... family with different shades of colors and it talks about what type of food is the color of a family member.
#skinlikeminekids... this books lets children know that we are all beautiful no matter how our skin looks
#skinlikeminekids... One of my favorite books, teaching children to embrace and love their self no matter what your skin color is.
#skinlikeminekids... This book is written about the color of skin. It is written to show that differences are a good thing.