Becoming an Achiever: A Student Guide

Carolyn Coil
Texas Legacy Award Finalist 2005This workbook for 4th 12th grade students asks them to read a little, think a little, and write a little about topics that will help them become successful achievers. These skills will raise student achievement as well as motivate students because of the success they will experiences.Topics include: Developing Self-Confidence and how the student, the student s family, teachers, and peers, influence success and failure. Students learn the characteristics of achievers and identify their own personal and academic behaviors. Goal Setting, problem solving, and decision making and how to plan so that goals can be achieved. Motivation, both internal and external, how learning styles affect a student s motivation to learn and succeed, and how failure affects motivation. Time management and organizational skills and tips. Study skills and tips. How to take tests and participate in other kinds of assessment including rubrics and portfolios. How to work within the system to become an achiever, attain success, and raise achievement levels.


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