Aquaman (Special Edition) (DVD)


Reviewed: 2019-03-20

I HATED this movie for so many reasons:  the 3-D drove me crazy, the acting was terrible, the special effects seemed weird & silly & cartoonish, they made Aquaman's character a big off when this didn't need to happen, the wig Aquaman's dad wore was so horrid.  I really, really hated it and Angie & I bot wanted to leave mid-movie but sat it out.  

I think this movie had the ability to create a complex Aquaman, who was strong but still was a deep, complex character.  Instead, the writers went the easy route and made him into a larger-than-life oaf who liked to drink too much, take stupid selfies, refer to himself as stupid, etc.  I think this was a huge missed opportunity.

I actually liked Nicole Kidman in this movie, but I could have done without Amber Heard.  I've always thought she was over-rated and she offered the same flat performance in this movie.

I might have liked this movie better if I hadn't seen it in 3-D, but I'll never know because I'm never watching this movie again. 

Giving this movie ZERO stars and would never recommend it. 

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