Engineering Jobology 101

Eric Wardell
You know differential equations. But do you know how to find a job? You know heat transfer. But do you know how to make your resume stand out? You know circuits. But do you know how to talk to a recruiter at a job fair? You know fluid dynamics. But do you know how to prepare for an interview? You know how to explain an engineering design. But do you know how to negotiate a job offer? Engineering Jobology 101 is for the ambitious engineering student who wants to land their dream job at a great company and wants to beat out the other candidates. It is for the experienced engineer who is trying to take that next step in their career but needs some help to impress the interviewer. It is for the out-of-work engineer who wants their resume to stand out from the crowd but does not know how to do so. This book covers: Job Searching Resumes Portfolios LinkedIn Cover Letters Job Fairs Interviewing Negotiating a job offer and More! The easy-to-read format, practical tips, and useful examples will go a long way to improve how well you present yourself to potential employers. The lessons from Engineering Jobology 101 may be the difference between getting a "good enough" job and landing your dream job! "Eric coached me through my job search as I graduated from college. Because of the principles taught in Engineering Jobology 101 I landed multiple job offers and used them as leverage to raise my starting salary by several thousand dollars! That was money that I could have easily left on the table without his help. I highly recommend that every engineering student read and apply the teachings in this book. It will pay off big time." -K. H., Aeronautical Engineer at Lockheed Martin "There has been a severe lack of resources to help engineers land their dream jobs. Engineering Jobology 101 finally fills that need. Eric speaks in the language of engineering to provide all the steps, equations, and algorithms necessary for an engineer to launch a successful career." -M.W., HR at Honeywell


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